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a) General Construction / Mild Steel Structural Works.

b) Metal Roof System.

i) New Metal Roof - Domestic / Industrial Commercial.          v) Old Gutter and Downpipe replacement.

ii) Re-roofing and extension.                                                   vi) Roof repairs / Storm damage specialist.

iii) Tile to Metal Conversion / Asbestos removal.                    vii) Skylight and roof ventilator.

iv) Metal Fascia and Guttering.                                              viii) No job too big or too small.

c) Lightweight Truss System.
 i) V-Truss / BW Yee Seng Steel   
 ii) Cooldec Astino 
d) Insulation.  
 i) Poly Glass Wool / Fibreglass Wool   
 ii) Aluminium Foil 
 iii) Chicken Wire Netting
 iv) Rockwool 
e) Ceiling  & Sun Shade Panel. 
 i) AJIYA   
f) Polycarbonate / Transparent Sheet.

g) Insulated Wall / Door Panel.

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